Review of Tilly the Terrier

Tilly the Terrier - Mr Ben Simons

Tilly the Terrier Review

Ben Simons' new children's book opens and closes with the line 'I am charming and delightful' and nothing could be more fitting.

Simons has done an incredible job both writing and illustrating this sweet little
book, detailing the random day-to-day thoughts of an adorable terrier. The real draw here (no pun intended) is the beautiful illustrations, and that compliment simply cannot do justice to the talent on show here. Every page features a gorgeous, detailed, and intricate portrait of Tilly, or of her surroundings, and they can be difficult to turn the page away from. My personal favourite is a cat - green eyed and ginger furred - that Tilly is desperate to play with.

The accompanying text is rhythmic and gives meaning to the pictures, creating a short book that can be quite emotional (especially if you're a dog owner, or lover). A bedtime read, really, for the warm and friendly feel of the book, but one I can recommend for anytime because it is so worth the read! Enjoy!
Congratulations to Ben Simons for an incredible debut. I can't wait for the next.